As you might know, my Wednesday is a full of merchant calls. I'm pretty much tied to the phone the whole day, walking through reports and brainstorming new promotional ideas. Sid from is always coming up with fun ones...we're giving away a camping trip in June and in the lead-up to that, we're going to do up some content on campfire songs and games. (Hide the Burnt Marshallow, etc.)

It's really fun working with someone like that, and besides, life's just too short to work with people who aren't fun. So I asked if he'd be open to offering a higher rate to ABW affiliates and he said, "SURE!"

So here's the deal, if you PM, IM or email (heck, call if you'd like) your affID to me, I can bump you up to 10% until May 31, 2006. That's what our VIPs get. And, since BentGear already offers a tiered commission, it won't disappear when the promos over. With an average sale well over $100, it's pretty easy to get a nice commish once you're rolling:

$0-$999 = 8%
$1000-$7999 = 9%
$8000+ = 10%

And yes, we do have a VIP program. But you gotta get to first base first.