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    I started to add the code they have at that is suppose to take care of Ezula and Surf+ if a visitor has it on their computers. I know I should have done this along time ago but I'm slow at getting around to things. Anyways as normal I didn't read like I should of and started to put it on a lot of my pages. The problem is is that I put it in between the end body tag and the end html tag. It was suppose to go either just after the begin body tag or just before the end body tag. Will this make a difference? Has everyone been using the code to refresh their pages? Thanks for any feedback you can give.

    Haiko i was gonna put this in the programming post but figured it should be on top in case someone isn't aware of Ezula. Feel free to move it if you want. Thanks.

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    it was meant to go between the head tags or even before the head tags, the idea was that the page refreshed before it loaded completely, i visited a website the other day that tried to do the same as you, the whole page loaded after some wait and then refreshed, it was so irritating that i put that site on my banned list and will never vist them again

    the good news is you dont need that script anymore, the wonderful elizabeth made a great post the other day regarding this

    here ยป

    all you need to do is give the <SPAN> tag an attribute

    the SPAN tag for those that dont know is a special HTML tag that was created for use with stylesheets, in fact it has no other purpose

    here is an example that will kill the yellow underline (look mom no refresh)

    < !--
    SPAN {COLOR: #000000;}

    notice that it goes between the head tags

    in the above example any text between the SPAN tags will be rendered black, you dont actually have to use SPAN, just assign it a value with a stylesheet or else when ezula finds a keyword it will temporarily put SPAN tags around it and give it a default value (the yellow underline)

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    Austin, Thanks for the info. I'll check it out. <IMG src=>

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