Dont know if this is the right area or not but I need help.
I have a deals and coupons site with mambo backend. Deals are from CJ, Linkshare, Pgateway merchants, and amazon. Currently, I manually identify the deals (either from emails I get from merchants or from merchants web sites) and either get the links from CJ, Linkshare etc. (or from emails where my affilaiet code is already embedded) and enter them ony by one in mambo. I also 'alias' the merchnat link to hide alias info etc.

I'd like to automate by getting datafeeds and loading into mambo. My primary interest is in automating the adding deals part. I am also looking at paying $200 to CJ to get data feed also.

Can someone help me so I dont spend hours and hours entering deals. I saw a thread in data feed subforum where there is lot of great information on writing code. I am not a great programmer and also cant afford that much time writing and testingthe code.

Please email me eusophix at gmail dot com or PM me.

Thank you