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    Question Revenue from CJ dropped significantly in Feb and Mar
    Revenue from CJ dropped significantly in Feb and Mar.
    The total number of clicks/traffic stayed about the same.
    And i worked with many merchants.

    The total earning figure used to be moved up daily consistently in the past. It was no longer the case in last two months.

    Is this happenning to you ?

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    No my sales went way up last 2 months
    Israeli Guy

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    Too much depends on what items you sale to say. But, overall, retail is usually off a bit when people have to anti up after Christmas. Also, I think things are down a bit due to oil prices.
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    >depends on what items

    That could be the crux of the whole thing. There are definitely seasonal fluctuations for different types of product lines. I did *nothing* for holidays with CJ, but had no merchants there for what I was the main getting traffic and sales for with other networks/merchants. Now, CJ traffic is up this month and last because the stuff is selling that I do have a couple of decent CJ merchants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by felix8
    No my sales went way up last 2 months
    Maybe you took his sales.

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    I'm not seeing anything unusual on CJ.
    Michael Coley
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    One of my best months ever with CJ. No complaints here.

    - Scott
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    Feburary, one of great months.
    March, record sales, passed $7K , hope to reach $10K next month

    So no problems here. Going to play GTA San Andreas, Love this job.

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    I have not seen any decrease. In fact, my stats are higher than last year at this time and have been the last several months.

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