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    I joined AvantLink because I saw sells personalized baby gifts - at 12% commissions.

    When I went to make links I noticed...

    They are simply affiliates themselves of at least 2 Shareasale merchants, who offer significantly higher commissions.

    For example 1:

    Is the same product offered by SAS's agiftpersonalized at

    Same product. Same image. Same text. But thecornerstork resells it at $32.99 w/ a 12% commission, while a giftpersonalized sells it for only $26.99 at 25% commission.

    They do this with ALL of agiftpersonalized baby products.

    They also do the same thing with another SAS merchant, MyBambino:


    Everything is identical - except the lower commissions.

    Is thecornerstork an actual "merchant" - or are they just an affiliate themselves, wanting other affiliates to link to them, rather then the actual manufacturer?

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    They have their own shopping cart so they are a "merchant" . They must have an agreement with MyBambino and agiftpersonalized for drop shipping. Nothing wrong.

    It's a way to avoid parasites and other predators but you have to deal yourself with rogue affiliates, stolen credit cards, customer service and other problems.

    Even if my affiliate earnings are not growing anymore, I'm still happier as an affiliate.

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    Several of those stores selling the same stuff are owned by the same party (I'll PM you who). They aren't exactly affiliate sites - they've got multiple sites with the same stuff.

    BTW, the baby industry is literally *crawling* with drop-shipping arrangements, even (and maybe especially) the ones owned by a lot of WAHMs.

    I don't think agiftpersonalized is the same people, their AM phoned a while back and the name wasn't the same as the one for cornerstork or the other Avantlink baby merchant. I'm doing their other Avantlink one because the 800 # is smaller (and I think Gary is working on that, too).

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    Hey guys, Yeah CornerStorkBabyGifts is a Smart Marketing, Inc. store.. a very innovative group. Here are the current strores they have live in AvantLink:

    These numbers are tooo good..can't help but publish them. March 2006 Affiliate traffic coversions by program:

    - MyWeddingFavors (2.28%)
    - SignatureFavors (1.21%)
    - TooCuteBabyGifts (2.15%)
    - CornerStorkBabyGifts (4.64%)
    - Electric-Scooters-Galore (0.00%)*

    * This is a new program.. who's going to make the first high $$ sale!!?

    As far as the 800#, Travis Robinson (AM for all Smart Marketing programs) is working on this now. Feel free to contact Travis anytime. He's one of the most helpful and committed AM's I've seen trobinson[at]

    Also, several more of their stores will be available through AvantLink soon..

    Gary M

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