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    Getting access to FTP feeds?
    So far, I think about 50% of merchants I have applied to for FTP feed access have granted it.
    What is going on with the others? I have no idea, since I have no indication of whether or not my request was received, no indication of whether it was received but denied, and to be honest, not a lot of real faith that my request was even sent in the first place.

    So what is the most likely explanation?
    1) Request not sent
    2) Request sent, but merchant didn't receive it
    3) Merchant received request but is ignored or denied (how can I tell?)
    4) Merchant received request but no longer checks Emails etc.
    5) Other

    So far, my attempts at communicating directly with merchants have been less than fruitful.

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    same here

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    Merchants receive an email with the title "Affiliate Requests FTP Datafeed Access". I would guess the problem is either #3 or #5. Are you able to re-submit a request? Perhaps the email was mistaken for spam and deleted.

    However, if you have been ignored and had trouble communicating directly with a merchant as well.... Is this truly the type of merchant you want to work with? Pass them by and move to another merchant!
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