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    CJ Featured Client: Ebates
    First time I noticed this, here it is:

    Ebates’ valuable member base of shoppers spends millions of dollars a month online with Ebates’ partners. In return for the large audience it provides, Ebates receives sales commissions from those partners.
    Hmmmm... I"ve never noticed any product links on the Ebates site. It doesn't look like a shopping site to me.

    Commission Junction also saves Ebates time and money in advertiser acquisition costs. With new advertisers being added to the Commission Junction network daily, Ebates is able to add new offerings to its program quickly and easily.
    How handy for them, and so kind of CJ to help this company out like that. So does Ebates have to sign up with new advertisers and get approved by them, or are they recommended to all the new advertisers by CJ?

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    For years, eBates was on the front page of CJ with a picture of Paul Nichols, former Deputy District Attorneys, and one of eBates founders.

    For years CJ recommended them to all new merchants.

    CJ is responsible for a large number of unwanted downloads. I hope somebody will remember that one day. The sooner the better.

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