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    I want the texture and the look but I'm not sure if there is a software package that I can buy that has this type of art on it. Anyone know where I can get it?

    I'm just on a roll with the questions this week huh. LOL!! Wait until after the holidays, I'll really be getting on ya nerves. :eek:

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    Jada, try this one out:

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    Jada, are you looking for software to create images like that or a CD of images like that? If you're looking for a CD, gifart (the creators of that image) have a CD for sale.

    If you're looking for the software to create such items, you need a 3D modeler (and lots of patience). Check out BLENDER (I don't have the URL, but if you can't find it let me know and I'll hunt it down). It's a fairly impressive and FREE 3D modeler.

    But if you've never done any 3D work before, be prepared for a fairly steep learning curve.

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    Okay thanks. I do already have animation factories Cds and they are great for animation. I was looking for the still images like that. I wasn't sure if had those type of images on it's cd or if it was just regular clipart.

    Thanks Cedric - but no I wouldn't begin to have the patience to create images like that. I'll check out the cd.


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    I'll send you my gifart CD, jada. I hate it. I have never once used any of the images. I did log in to the account a couple of times during the year (just ran out) and download some interfaces, but I never did use them. I removed the link to their site after I realized how much I don't like the CD.

    One of the animationfactory CD's has stills on it,also. Plus, the members area allows for editing of images. A much better deal, all in all.

    PM me with an address if you want me to send the CD. Really, I have never used anything from it. Just pulled it out yesterday in search of movie related clipart. Used a projector from the animationfactory CD instead. Unfortunately it was on the first Cd, which doesn't have the stills. Not a big deal, I kinda like it moving.

    I hope gifart's new CD is better.
    Not that I'm running out to buy it!

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