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    Exclamation Somethin 4 the Merchants & Affiliates @ Shareasale
    Hi Brian and all @ shareasale,

    I do not know if you guys are working on this but this is just a little Idea how you can make it easier for us with the banner managment and acessing it.

    Under the Banner section you can give us around 10 (eg) sub sections

    Currently I have around 35 banners so when a partner comes to my page it would take him quite a while for the complete page to load for them choose banners.

    With a Subsection I could Have Valentines Day Banners, Mothers Day, Easter Banners etc. This would make it so much easier for our partners rather than waiting for the page to load. Im saying this cause in the Future i see ourselfs having a long list of unsorted banners.

    So this will be a benefit not only for us but for the Affiliates on your site as well.

    PS: Also a delete button would be nice next to the banner
    Maybe i should have posted this in things to fix, but its not to fix but to add so i thought of this.

    Clyde Fernandes,
    The Relationship Managment Team,

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    You can add your own category name to each creative, and it shows up on the affiliate interface so that they can better view your creatives.

    Delete buttons I can't do because affiliates use these banners on their sites, if a banner were deleted it would result in a big red X on an affiliate site.... You can make a banner private, or change the banner to reflect seasonal creative, etc...

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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    @ brian thank you

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