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    Question Cash back site, is it parasite?
    Just found this site, and I found most the merchants I promoted can be found here:The offer very good cash back.If CJ's commission is 10% they give customer 9% cash back, if CJ's commission is 15% they give customer 13% cash back.

    If they give so much cash back.
    So, how can I compete with them?

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    Whose tracking id is that? The df part at the beginning is for some kind of tracking.

    Looks like some kind of mlm, cash back, incentive thingamajig

    Cash back, incentive in itself is not parasitic. Didn't see any download for anything, but I just looked kind of quickly.

    How can you compete? I've never heard of them, probably most of your site visitors haven't either, so they're not your competition. If you want to go the same route, you can offer better deals or just outmarket them.

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    No idea Whose id it's,just search from Google and found this.Maybe Google though this URL is SEO.

    I just though that's not legal.But if you staied long time with Affiliate and said no problem, I guess it's no problem.

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    Trustno1 pegged it right. There is a BHO download. Also MLM marketing to recruit associates and the CyberMall is like the old SkyMall ebiz plan.... company profiles
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    U wish U knew
    you gotta pay if you want to get $ back. if you don't pay, you get credit for use in THEIR store.

    "RBG, if you want to receive Cash back instead of Store Credits, you may upgrade to a regular Membership for just $19.95/mo. In addition, you’ll receive many other great benefits, and a 2 night hotel "get-away" worth up to $300.00! Visit the Upgrade page for details."

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    I didn't see a download function.

    They are, however violating Walmart TOS, they don't allow cashback sites.

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