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    Affiliate FAQs
    Hey Everyone,
    I'm putting together a list of affiliate FAQs and I wanted to know what all of you think are the most important questions that you would want answered. I have a sample list below, but please post any additions or priority arrangement that you think would be best for publishers.

    How do I apply? How do I get started as a [company name] Affiliate?
    Who can participate in [company name]'s Affiliate Program?
    How much and when will I get paid?
    Will I get paid each time a referral spends money with [company name]?
    If I donít live in the U.S. can I still be an affiliate?
    do I get the links to put on my site?
    How do I keep track of the referrals that Iíve made to [company name]?
    If I need Assistance who do I contact?
    Do you have any keywords that cannot bid on for Search Engine Marketing?
    Does [company name] allow email or newsletter placement?

    Thx everyone!

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    where do you think that it's imprtant that this infromation be sent, posted or otherwise. Don't you think CJ has already answered these questions? Some of your advertiser specifc questions need to be addressed on a by relationship How much & Will I get paid each time.

    You need to read up on the platform a bit it's all be laid out already.

    look into CJU....learn it, live it & love it.

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    If your affiliates have to ask those questions, you probably don't want them as affiliates. Anyone that green is going to need a ton of hand-holding and will probably never produce for you.

    Some of the kinds of questions that more experienced affiliates might ask:

    How often do you pay and how fast do you pay?
    Do you offer direct deposit?
    What conversion ratio do your affiliates see on average? How about the top affiliates?
    Do you have strict policies against parasites, and do you enforce them?
    Do you utilize industry professionals (like Kellie) to detect and eliminate parasites?
    Do your internal marketing campaigns wipe out affiliate cookies?
    Do you report in real-time?
    Do you have policies against bidding on your company name?
    Do you track and compensate for phone orders?
    Do you run/own any affiliate sites that will be competing with your affiliates?
    Is there a real person with a name, phone number, and email address to contact if the affiliate has questions?
    How do your commissions compare to the top merchants in your category?
    Do you provide a clean, accurate datafeed (both inside and outside of a network)?
    Do you have leaks on your site?
    What percent of transactions do you reverse?
    Are you on a network that is disliked by many affiliates?
    Are you an active participant on ABW?

    If you can (honestly) answer all of those questions with affiliate-friendly answers, you'll impress a lot of professional affiliates.

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    It seems I missed the post where you mentioned that you were an advertiser with CJ already...sorry about that.

    Michael hit a lot of it on the head, I would add:

    Do you offer performance incentives for affiliates who produce more.

    Your terms mention "If you can drive both quantity and quality we are definitely open to discussions regarding our payout to you" If you put it in a term upfront you might save some dancing around ;-)

    How fast do you titles rotate?

    Keyword link:
    Peerflix does not allow publishers to outrank the in-house Peerflix listings
    Terms like this are (IMHO) self defeating...your basically telling your affiliate if you do better than us we may can you. It is possible (in adwords) to bid less on a more productive ad that would display before your ad thus outranking peerflix. You might be better off defining no compete terms and then let the rest fall where it may. For Adwords you'll also want to detail if the display URL can be used or not.

    Live Chat:
    Will I get credit if someone joins up using live chat?

    Is it possible to land on a particular movie title or do we have to land on a join peerflix page....something along those lines (do you offer destination URL redirection). There may be affiliates that find it more motivating to land their traffic on the new hot titles in hopes of converting that traffic into members.

    and there is a section in CJU just for advertisers too ;-)
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    Thanks for posting mrbshouse and MichaelColey!

    The real heart of what I was asking is what do affiliates want to know most from the advertisers they partner with. You both have given some excellent insight...thanks, again.


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