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    link redirecting
    Thank you Mrbshouse

    You were right and I was able to redirect the text link to a diferent landing page, however one problem is that I had to remove the PID and AID part of the link to do that. But this way it will not be tracked. If I leave the PID and the AID the link is directing the page to the original AID destibnation. I do not have an AID for the product that I want to go to so can not replace it. Any other help you can provide will be appreciated.

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    Look for a link that offers destination URL as a text box, it will be under "show advanced options" when your getting the html. If the box is there simply change the listed URL for the one you want and click update...your good to go copy paste away ;-)

    Not every ad will have it, so you may have to check a few ads before you find one with this option and not every advertiser CAN OFFER this, so if you've checked all the links and still find that you can't redirect. Contact the advertiser and ask them WUD UP DUDE

    no pid/aid no track need don't do it

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