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    How do I link to detailed pages with text not in database?

    I would like my index pages to link to the detailed product pages with the word "more..." or something similar.

    I've solved this by adding an extra field called more to every record, filled with the data "more...". But is this really necessary? Isn't there any other way of doing it?


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    You can add something like this to your template:

    <a href="[WM-Field: Website_URL]">More...</a>


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    Unfortunately I can't, because the URL is generated from a field name, it isn't included in the database.

    For example, I have a field with data like this: Product Name 1
    I use this field to generate the URL, which looks like this: Product-Name-1.html

    I can link to this URL with the tag [WM-Field: fieldName] but not with any other text.

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    What we need here is a new tag in which you can pass any field reference and get the resulting file name using the same method WebMerge uses.

    What should we call this new tag?
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    I suggest WM-Anchor, or WM-AnchorText.

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