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    Two Canadian Affiliate Programs
    I didn't see a directory for Canadian Merchants offering affiliate programs.

    We have two available offering gift programs.

    Where can we post information?

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    Hi there,

    You're right - there is no forum here dedicated to Canadian merchants. Having said that, there is an announcement section of the forum for new programs and announcements - you may need to pay a small fee to put a posting in there about your program but it's well worth it considering the exposure you get by posting there. Remember, this is THE largest industry forum for the industry (that I know of).

    Also, another purchase you may consider - get your own forum for your programs her at ABW. Also well worth it, provided you've got someone to monitor them for you (if you can't do it regularly). Another great opportunity for exposure as you can post within your own forum as much as you like, and it also allows your affiliates a place to come to when they want updates on anything regarding your program. Something to consider anyhow.

    Good luck and all the best,

    Liz Gazer
    Growthspurt Media

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