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    ePAY2000- warning to potential users
    We are a European online business, based in Spain. A few months ago we signed up to ePAY2000 to process payments from clients who pay by credit card.

    Last month we made the order to withdraw the balance to our Spanish bank account. The money did arrive, but we also received an e-mail from ePAY2000 stating that we had given them an incorrect bank account number and the transfer had failed. All very strange.

    Just yesterday our bank received a letter from ePAY2000 asking for the money back ! The letter claimed that the bank could only refuse to return to money if it produced a police report. Luckily we have a very good relationship with our bank manager and he is refusing to authorise the return of the funds to ePAY2000.

    My feeling is that ePAY2000 is incompetent at the least,and at the worst fraudulent. Their customer services have been very unhelpful and the last e-mail I got from them told me to "Get a life" !

    Luckily the amount involved was small, as we sensibly did a test withdrawal
    before accepting payments from other clients. We are making this posting so that other webamasters can learn from our experience, and to think very carefully before signing up to ePAY2000.

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    pg171, sorry to hear about that! In my opinion it is important to check and make sure about any processor through real review whether its financial transactions flow in a secure, stable and reliable environment. For European country I find ChronoPay payment system provides advanced Payment Processing Services, such as its ChronoMethod best-in-class Fraud Screening system, its feature-rich Virtual Terminal application and quick account approval and set up. You can check with them if you need alternate solution.

    Best of luck!

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    Thank you for your advice Steve, which if I may say so, sounds remarkably like a commercial for ChronoPay !

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