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    We won't know what actually happen at the back end since CJ only allow advertiser to view lead details. The affiliates are like gambling with our own money and hopefully we hit a jackpot.

    I think most of us will like to know from each lead, "WHO signup from which IP, refer from which URL on which web page, using what Browser, AND if there is any dispute, WHICH lead from which customer did WHAT..."

    Doing sales is already very hard, and CJ seems to let this to happen. They just let advertiser take away free traffic and reverse ALL leads whenever they love to. It's like they spit on your face, saying: "there are SOME fraud leads, so we reverse ALL. Sorry, we won't tell you which particular lead and CJ allow us to do so. We pay CJ monthly fee anyway. That's it stupid, thanks for the free ride!" :mad:

    The big question: Is there any legal action we can take to demand an AUDIT on each lead we generate? In the real world, if you work as a sales and your employer complain there is 1 fraud sales and refuse to pay all your commission, what would you do?

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    Why would CJ want to see all your leads reversed? Remember as a network they only get paid when you get paid. They will want to see as many valid leads go through as possible.

    The fact remains that a some advertisers abused) the lead generation process and it doesn't take long to figure out who they are. Communities, like this one, have cut they behavior way down compared to the state of the industry about two years ago (I'm sure some here can here will remember that epoch.) but there will always be bad apples. This is very easy to deal with- drop the relationship and name names. Just be sure to back it up with some sort of tangible evidence.

    Conversely lead generation fraud is rampant on the affiliate end as well. I know this having assisted merchants in auditing leads in the past. It is unbelievable how many bogus leads some affiliates will try to pass (and some of their methods), and you have to be vigiliant because it only spirals out of control if you don't crack down.

    I still feel most merchants are not out to cheat people, nor or most publishers, and it is only logical that networks want to see as many transactions go through as they can if they have a vested interest in the transaction, but it only takes a few bad apples to make everyone wary. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]


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    When CJ made the bold righteous move in the Spring of 2001 to eliminate ALL PPC merchants due to fraud on both sides they jumped in network management stature. The abusive affiliates and sleezy middleman merchants then jumped on the "lead" bandwagon or went to startup 2nd tier networks. The parasites and scumwarez folks and rapid growth in professional spammers resulted from the con artists migration with PHD's in PPC scamming expertise.

    Those lead merchants who snake free traffic -filter out privacy info and sell off e-mail addresses to spam list brokers came from this old school. CJ needs another bold move, which will never happen, and give the "lead" merchants the boot. As an alternative they could seperate their "lead" merchants from real product merchants so the clutter of 1400+ not-ready for prime time flea market vendors allows everyone's commissions to grow.

    Take a look at the hundreds of "lead" merchants who have exited CJ stiffing them and ABWer's. Chet at FineClicks took a broom and brushed many of those same folks from his network and knows he can't attract active producing affiliates with a bunch of has been eyeball & spamming whores. Just like PPC ...PPA programs are full of con men.

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