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    Should I Do My Own Taxes?
    I'm wondering if I should get a professional to do my taxes for me. Last year was my first year of internet business, and so I don't really have any idea about how these things go. That said, it seems somewhat straight-forward on the surface - just take out my business expenses (ppc ads, new computer, new software, etc.). Since I've been traveling around a lot I'm not really going to worry about things such as claiming 1/4 of the room I work in, etc.

    Am I missing something here? Would a professional be able to save me a lot more money? If so, can anyone recommend someone who can do it "virtually"? (I'm currently out of the country and may even file for an extension - if it seems worth getting a professional to do it.)
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    You would be surprised at the advice and the tax changes from year to year that your accountant knows about. I would never do mine by myself and remeber your cpa bill is a tax write off next year as it is a business expense.

    I enjoy going to my cpa and explain to him that I sell online but have no products. Every year he wants to know how to do it himself.
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    If you made a decent amount of money, it is completely worth the investment to get a GOOD accountant. Beware though, the bad ones usually charge the same, hehe!

    Your job is to find one to save you money! Word of mouth is a very good way to go with accountants!

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    I leave as much to professionals as I can and taxes are one of those things. The cost is tax deductable, too. :-)
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    Love my accountant, I got a good one, handles the state stuff too.

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    Get a real accountant
    I did my own taxes for years. As the tax code is "simplified" it gets deeper in the johnny jar.

    Do not go to a store front tax service for this. Make sure that you have one who is good, believes in his work and is hopefully a friend.
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