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    Guys, hahaha, hahahaha, hahaha Studiotraffic!
    remember that talk about Studiotraffic autosurf, hahahaha, hahahaha, I can't stop laughing.

    hahaha lol!!!, I heard that the guy/girl cut out with all the peoples money! ahahahahahaha!!!

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    Another CyberRebates ponzi scheme.... There are certain indications that are usually typical for scams. In
    the case of, I have found a number of these

    I. The lack of proper contact information
    Reputable companies do not conceal their real address, phone and fax
    numbers. Scam companies do this, and so does also StudioTraffic. Their
    address is not listed anywhere on their website. I have checked for
    the owner of their domain name, and the result is most suspicious. The
    domain has been registered for StudioTraffic by a company named "Whois
    Privacy Protection Service, Inc". This is one of the anonymizer
    services spammers and scammers use to avoid being traced by their
    victims. A reputable company just does not have any reason to hide
    their face.

    II. Questionable ways of advertising
    I have searched the Usenet archives and found out that in numerous
    cases, StudioTraffic has been advertised by persons who are
    suspiciously enthusiastic about the service - and who have been
    spamming various Newsgroups with similar advertisements for other
    "make money fast", "make money by surfing the Web", "get paid for
    surveys" services. I have no doubt that they are professional spammers
    who regularly advertise obscure scam companies, using anonymous and
    easily replacable Yahoo and Hotmail e-mail accounts. A reputable
    company does not use such means of advertising their services.

    III. Sign-up fee
    As a general rule: If a company demands a sign-up fee and similar
    payments for granting you the privilege of working for them, then it's
    scam time. I have had a look at the FAQs - and there is not the
    slightest guarantee that you will ever earn notable amounts of money
    after having signed up with them. Basically, they use many words to
    say: 'You give us money, and after that there is a slight chance but
    no whatsoever guarantee that you will earn any money. You can give us
    more money, but that won't change anything except that your account
    status will have a more fancy name'. Or, as they say in their FAQ:
    "Are payouts guaranteed at Studiotraffic? - We cannot guarantee

    IV. Discrepancy between claims and reality
    I have found virtually thousands of sites, forum postings and Usenet
    postings that enthusiastically praise StudioTraffic - allegedly by
    users, but the word choice looks amazingly similar in many cases, down
    to identical phrases. Many included magniloquent statements, along the
    lines of the "phenomenal growth" of the service. But there are not
    many postings of people who have actually earned noteworthy amounts,
    although one should assume that the huge number of enthusiastic users
    must be proud of their easy money and tell the world how much they
    earned. Much advertising disguised as customer opinions, but very few
    manifest cases of success - highly suspicious.

    Now they took the same fools thta fell for the other internet get rich quick MLM schemes. What network advertised this cyber con-man?
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    It never a good sign when the 2nd result for a search in google is "SHUT THEM DOWN NOW!" lol
    no such luck in msn or yahoo

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    Oh yes, definitely a Ponzi in my opinion although I wan't aware that it had gone.

    A quick look at this thread on (where I sometimes hang out) indicates that it had gone under. Talkgold has a whole series of threads where the suckers who fell for it are feeling sorry for themselves.

    12DailyPro was another Ponzi that collapsed recently, stinging a lot of a investors.

    The bottom line with Studio Traffic was this - autosurf programs are worthless. Nobody in their right minds would advertise a website via an autosurf program - so it was pretty clear that ST could not have the income it needed to sustain the high payouts.
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