So the other day I receive an email from Smart Marketing AM Travis Robinson (reminder: Smart Marketing is the parent company of MyWeddingFavors, SignatureFavors, TooCuteBabyGifts, CornerStorkBabyGifts, and and out of the blue Travis tells me he wants to bonus one of his Affiliates $500 cold cash for making $10,000 in sales with his programs in one calendar month! Needless to say we were blown away by this.

No warning, no announcement, no publicity. In a matter of fact, Travis didn't even want us to tell the Affiliate because he wants it to be a surprise. He told us he's watching his Affiliates closely and the message is loud and clear that ANYONE who brings more than $10,000 of business to Smart Marketing in any calendar month is going to get rewarded, and big time..

Although it's not promoted by Smart Marketing, Travis IS rewarding performance beyond the already high commissions he's paying out. He has told us that we haven't seen anything yet...I love working with this guy!!

Folks, he'll take care of you. These programs are worth your every effort.

Drop a line to Travis trobinson[at] or AvantLink if you have any questions..

Gary M