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    Pay Per Lead CJ Programs
    I had my CJ account killed last year, since I didn't make sale in 6 months. I'm determined not to do that again.

    Someone suggested that pay-per-lead programs "might help" as they are sometimes easier to complete than selling merchandise. I thought I might try one or 2 of them out as part of the mix.

    Anybody able to recommend some, or tell me how to find them in CJ's interface?



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    Hi Talus,

    Click on "Get Links" from the first CJ Page (after you log-in), and you'll see a Search Engine, then do a search for "pay for lead" and a whole bunch of pay for lead offers will come up... Also click on the "Additional Search Options" and "Additional Filter Options" links for more search options... I didn't see any pay for lead options there, but you might find something useful.

    Hope this helps, and that you do well this time around.

    Love You,
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