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    Question Balance Decrease Question
    Well, I was all excited at my meager few sales on CJ earlier in the week, and then I checked my status again. Instead of being disappointed with no sales, I was greeted with a decreased balance. Is there any way to figure out why exactly it decreased?

    What about companies that offer 365 day returns? What if I get a check from CJ and 256 days later that customer returns the item? Do I owe money? (it's shoes if it matters).

    Thank you for any help.

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    You need to see if any sales are reversed by any of your advertiser. See the corrected transactions using Trasactions report.
    I also promote some shoe merchants, for me reversals are posted uptill 10th for previous month and after that no more reversals, although CJ allow that, and some merchants do reverse paid commissions. But I don't allow it and will drop any merchant who reverse the paid commissions (old sales).

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