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    Question How long before a sale shows up?
    I know a person bought something from my website, but it never showed up in CJ. It's been almost 24 hours. Is something wrong?


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    If it is a product that was purchased, some merchants send sales after the product has shipped, which may be a few days after ordering, depending on the merchant.

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    What if the product purchased needed no shipping. Should the sale have shown up?

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    You have two kind of merchants, whose batching the transactions, it takes one to several days to see the sales in CJ reporting. These merchants are identified in the "advertiser details" with Batch Process Transactions: yes. You'll see the date of the last batches.
    Then you have all the other merchants, their carts report the transactions immediatly to CJ and it takes from 1 and up to 2 hours (If everything works) for them to process the transaction and update your reports. Transactions are reported every hour at the beginning of each hour.
    From time to time you can have a glitch like earlier this week with sales delayed up to 11 hours.

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