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    CJ General Question
    Hey All,

    Don't blast me for this one please, I know its a dated question, I'm just looking for help.

    I made a CJ account in '99-'00 and used to make good money from them back in the day before switching to strictly CPM. Now I'm back looking to do stuff with revshares again.

    Now I want to do some more advanced stuff, like for example:

    I want to make a golf site that data feeds in info on tons of golf equipment, then if the customer clicks to buy I want to forward them along to the page that has that single product, or even that product with a branded look to my golf product site.

    Is this attainable nowadays through CJ? I've been told yes, but I log in and it seems as simple as ever. Any insight would be awesome.


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    Datafeeds with product links that go right to the product purchase page? Sure, not a problem. But having that product purchasable with a look branded to your site sounds like a dropship arrangement rather than CPA.

    If you want datafeeds, you'll have to pay $200 for a one-time data access fee. Otherwise, they are free if you post $10k in sales in a previous month. Not sure if your 99-00 sales would count.. probably not, they are keen to get that $200.

    You don't even need datafeeds if you want to do direct product links; most merchants have that available. Get Links >> By Relationship >> Search for product names... then most of the time you can alter the landing page of the text links and direct to whichever product you want. Without the datafeed you'll have to enter them manually into your site. You can also check out Shareasale where datafeeds are free. And you can contact a merchant directly and often you can get the datafeed out of them without going through CJ.

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    Awesome Reply Hoff. Maybe I'll deal with the $200 for now I think I can be at $10k quickly hopefully!


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