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MarthaStewart.com is refusing to answer the question as to whether or not WhenU.com is an
affiliate, and has insisted that I not post that information, hiding behind the statement that their correspondence with me is private and not to be posted (I told them that that hasn't stopped me yet...)

Anyhow, no I have not given up the fight, I am so frustrated over it because so many of my commissions have walked away (and I don't have a whole lot to begin with....) I just haven't the time right now to spend online. Maybe I can make a request of you? Maybe you could post a hello from me to everyone and let them know what is up with me and that as soon as I can I will be back? Thank you so much! And hang in there, as a group we are strong, and as a group we can figure this out!


I see Diane as an ideal ABW member, I said so in my welcome to her, and I wish her only best and I eagerly await her return .... keep up the fantastic work Diane!