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    Question Kolimbo Merchant Status
    Kolimbo Merchant Status

    After you applied for a merchant and before the merchant approve your account, it is the "pending" period.

    How can i know if my application to that merchant is still pending or have been approved after i log into Kolimbo or log into the specific merchant's interface ?

    Why there is no status indicator ?

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    you should receive an email once you've been approved for the program. Can't speak for other merchant, but we try to provide approval within 1 - 2 business days.

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    i know but email is not the best solution
    - email filter
    - too many emails to sort out everyday
    - acceptance email is not clear, lacking id # , network name, merchant name or log in location

    I prefer just log in to my Kolimbo account to check approval status after a few days.
    But as far as i know, there is no such information provided

    Besides it is hard to locate merchants at Kolimbo to retrieve links due to merchants listing the program in a different ways
    - domain url
    - company name
    - website name
    - product name
    - other name, etc

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    When you have been approved you'll see the green Link Code and blue View Links links appear for that particular merchant in your My Programs page.

    You can sort your merchants in all these ways on the My Programs page ; epc, clicks, program name, impressions and more

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