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    Cj Merchant Complaints - Adagio Tea and Comcast
    I was just recalling some merchants I absolute have no respect for.

    1) Adagio Tea is one -- I remember I sent the affiliate manager 3 or 4 emails asking an important question. He NEVER replied to me.

    However, he did contact me months later to inform me of a search engine policy change that would make him more money, and me less money. I blasted him for his one-way communication policy. What an ass*ole!

    2) Comcast really pissed me off. They want you to promote the hell out of them with PPC. However, on Google, you need permission from Comcast to use their trademark name for paid search. I emailed Comcast looking to get that permission.

    Get this bulls*it -- THEY RESPONDED over 8 MONTHS LATER TO MY EMAIL!!! Good job Comcast!!!

    I'll give 'em this though...At least they did eventually follow

    But seriously...I really get heated with some of these merchants...We spend time and money promoting these fracking turkeys, yet, we don't exist and get basic respect.

    Now, not every merchant is like that...The affiliate manager for Swanson's Vitamins is easy to reach and a great communicator...And they always pay on time...

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    I got an email from Adagio a while back, seemed like a nice guy. Then followed up with questions later and never heard anything back. If ya can't get what you need, just move on. There are plenty of other merchants out there.

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    BTW, it is not really Comcast who is on CJ. They are just a reseller of Comcast broadband. I was promoting them through their internal program and I have not been paid for orders made a year ago. Make your judgement!

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