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    Even though I have been with CJ for almost 2 years, I have never paid attention to the way things work until one merchant had unpaid commissions and I become a 5 bar earner...

    Ok, here is my question:

    If I earn a commission in March, and the commission is NOT extended, and the merchant takes no action, does CJ lock the commisson on the 10th of April for payment on April 2-something?

    For some reason I thought that outside of extended transactions, if commission is earned in March, it will eventually get paid in May...But reading the CJ help section says otherwise...

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    They lock on the 11th many times, giving merchants until the end of the 10th to extend. Locked transactions will not be "closed" until the merchant has paid what's due. That's why some people have commissions stuck in "locked" for months at a time. In most cases, if the merchant does nothing (but pay their bill) you will be paid the following 20th (or thereabouts). So commissions earned in March are actually paid in April unless extended.

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