Hi ,

I am unable to login to my affiliate a/c since the begining of this month. I had changed my payee info to facilitate proper payment processing on 30 or 31 march, but when I try to login on 3 april, I am unable to login to my shareasale affiliate a/c. Surprisingly, I have never used any fraudulent traffic to generate sales and moreso, I promote only 2 merchants, who are very happy with the traffic quality i generate.

Furthermore, I was unable to login to the a/c and that the reason suspension has not been given. I think, it becomes very important for an affiliate network manager to inform for any changes that take place on an affiliate or merchant account on their network. To add to the woes, I have been calling the ShareaSale deprtment and no one is their to respond on the phone or reply to the emails.

Can someone advice.