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    How does CB reduce $27.77 to $20.00

    I have an ebook up at CB and my selling pirce of 27.77 they give me 20.00
    How is this worked out.
    If sales tax in the US is about 7% perhaps?
    Thats only $2 So where does the rest go?
    Do they take 20% for themselves? ($5)


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    I'm assuming you are referring to ClickBank? I know they do have some fee's that apply for every sale. I'm not sure if it would amount to $7.77, that seems like quite a bit.

    This question would probably be better suited under this forum:
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    They should take 7.5% plus $1. So $27.77 less 7.5% = $25.69 less $1 = $24.69. If sales tax is due they should add it to the $27.77 and then take their fees from the larger amount. Why not ask them to explain the $20?

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    How much are you paying the affiliates for commission? The commission has to come out of that $27.77 doesn't it?
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