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    All Ink - Tracking Affected
    Just a heads up in case you have them:

    I just wanted to take a minute to let you know we value your participation in
    our affiliate program. We had some network trouble with Commission Junction over
    the past week. Commission Junction changed their tracking code that is placed on
    the page receipt of any sale. We updated our site months ago, but Commission
    Junction did not take the time to verify that before creating issues with our
    affiliate program. If you think you were affected over the past 7 days in
    regards to linking problems, sales, etc. please email us at ccollins at
    so we can help get things back on track.

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    An honest merchant! I got the same today. I wonder how many other merchants know of this problem.

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    Yeah, that's what scares me. It's so rare for a merchant to come out like that, that there's gotta be a bunch with the same predicament that haven't said anything.

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    Does anyone know if this a network wide update or something specific to the all ink program. They mentioned an update was made months ago, but the issue pertains to the last week?

    Based on the EPC's shown it's all-ink only and could date back to the 29th, with cookies reporting after that. Look at the EPC, it hits a major down trend after the 29th. Only when it hit 0 did they figure something was wrong.

    Where is CJ durring this...should they not have some check in place to see the EPC sliding down to 0 .... If the EPC drops more than 50% on average in any 7 day period there should be some sort of bell that rings somewhere

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    I didn't even realize they were reactivated. They were on the Deactivated Merchants list last time I checked.

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    Their having been deactivated is the issue. Whose fault????


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