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    January 17th, 2005
    Hi Guys.

    I am thinking about joining Performics. Does anyone know anything about them here. They seem to have top-notch merchants but what about tracking, payment etc.? I sent in an application a few days ago with no response. I would appreciate any feedback I can get.


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    January 18th, 2005
    Hi jackinthebox, I joined Performics just over a month ago, they have some great merchants which convert well, but although I've made the minimum I won't get paid for quite awhile from what everyone has been saying.
    And they are really "SLACK" in answering emails!

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    January 18th, 2005
    Conversions seem on par with CJ. I don't have any reasons to suspect the tracking, and so far the merchants I have seem okay on their end. I only have 3 Performics merchants, though, so I can't make any blanket statements yet--that sample is just to small to be able to say anything about the general tracking capability of their merchants in general. Network-side, it seems okay...

    The reports that you can get are good, but not as extensive as CJ's. IRRITATINGLY, there doesn't seem to be a way to break out CRs by merchant. Text links don't seem to track imps, at least none of mine show any. I don't remember offhand, but I don't think there's an impression tracking pixel with the text links. I've gotten sales off of those text links, though!

    Finding new merchants is a total pain in the butt because the search thingy only seems to return results by merchant name. Well there's few enough merchants to just read through 'em all if you know the name of the one you want! But try to find a merchant that sells a particular product and you end up with nothing. It seems that the products these places sell aren't in the database...

    The above isn't a major problem YET because they do have few enough merchants that it's reasonable to go through them by hand. But if they get nearly as big as CJ, it'll be a MAJOR problem if they don't get a REAL keyword search in there!!!

    Speaking of finding new merchants, be careful not to hit deactivated duds at Performics. I vaguely remember a notice that says they're deactivated coming up when I got curious and clicked one just to see if it was possible to sign up! The deactivated ones show payouts of $0.00 for all types of transactions...but they don't seem to clean these out of their Merchant List too often, so always check before hitting Join! I don't think the program will let you join, but it's safer to check first on general principles. No program is glitch-proof...

    As for payment, I've passed the payout figure but from what I have read it may be quite a while before they pay up. But I HAVEN'T heard of merchants actually never paying, though (which is why I went ahead and signed up).

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    January 17th, 2005
    I just got back from a few days away to find some checks in the mail, including one from Performics. The most recent transactions covered by that check were in late October, but there were a few $$ from as far back as August. So yes, there can be quite a time lag between transaction and commission payment.

    Leader, to see the CR by merchant, try doing a Report Type: Summary and chose Report On: (name of merchant from drop menu). That shows quite a bit of info for each merchant, but you have to do it one by one.

    Now I gotta go catch up on what's been happening around here while I was gone!

    Elisabeth Archambault

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    January 17th, 2005
    I have been with Performics for half a year now, but only started to make some money since September.

    From what I can tell, they do mail their cheques, even to a foreign country like where I'm from, though maybe not quite punctually or regularly all the time. The reason they gave to me once was that they were still waiting for the merchants to pay up then. So it's the same old story again, I'm afraid.

    But to their credit, they do aggregate earnings from various merchants into a cheque sometimes, despite what the merchants might have said on their agreements.

    Still, just like what Leader said, their online reporting leaves a lot to be desired. For example, they only bothered to update their reporting console to generate reports for 2002 barely a few hours ago, which is well into 2002, for crying out loud!!!

    And unless you write in to them, you have no way of knowing when cheques are being processed (unlike CJ), or whether cheques are withheld because they are still awaiting payments from the merchants (unlike LinkShare). The funny thing is that they would actually send you an email attached with a nice PDF file, which acts as a notice for a cheque flying your way soon. Why can't they do this online, I wonder?

    And they also don't offer a 2-tier referral scheme for referring new affiliates to Performics (we are actually called "partners" at Performics, as opposed to "affiliates" or "publishers").

    Also, it is always a mystery to me that I just could not sign up some of their merchants at all, which I think might be a glitch in their system during the transfer from the old DynamicTrade. Yes, you can see such merchants with their promos all over the place, but they just won't appear on your "available list of merchants to join".

    And for what it's worth, some of their merchants do offer the same "customizable links and banners" capability seen at CJ and LinkShare.

    What about reversals and zero-value sales? Well, I have just a couple of them so far, far less than the norm at CJ, then again, I also have far less transactions here at Performics.

    In conclusion, I would still recommend Performics to anyone, though not without reservations. But definitely a cut better than some other networks like beFree (where're my cheques?), PlugInGo(where's my cheque?), and QuinStreet(where's everything?).


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    Hi TianTian,

    What did you put under SSN/Tax ID? Is it required? Thanks.

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    Rochester, NY
    Personally I like Performics a lot and have made far more money with them than I have ever made with CJ!

    I've always had a response to questions within 24 hours hours. I understand that this isn't the case with many of you who have written to them. One of the lucky ones I guess.

    I just wish more of the merchants allowed us to make custom links to products. Here is a list of merchants I've been paid from:

    Mars Music
    Kitchen Etc

    I'm signed up for other merchants but they either don't allow individual custom product links or I just haven't found an effective way to make them convert as of yet. So I've spent most of my time working on the 4 above who work well for me.

    They also combined payments which I was pleasantly surprised about. I had only reached the minimum with 1 merchant but was paid for all merchants through October in my last check. I've actually been with Performics since 1999 but just in the last 6 months started really actively promoting the merchants there and have received so far 2 checks in this time.

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    I have become disappointed with Performics and now rank them third (behind CJ and LinkShare).

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    I've been working with Performics for about a year now and have been satisfied with their performance. As noted above the down side I've experienced is slowness in payouts but they -do- pay. My observation is that they're generally more selective with both merchants and affiliates. They don't take all comers and I don't have a problem with that. Don't think their plan is to facilitate the mass affiliation model but rather try for more targeted "partnerships" (80/20 rule). There are tradeoffs with their reporting interface but actually I find it easier and more concise. At least for those data points I monitor most often. TomTom thumbs up. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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