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    2,942 Back Into The Dumpster?
    Under the then-new AM Link Wall, converted for me. Link cleaned up the program of the nasties. Now, no sales for the last few months. I am wondering if THIS
    has anything to do with it?
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    Thanks for the heads up, cheesehead. BTW, allposters is on the list also.

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    This can't help. With over two million potential customers infested every year it reduces greatly your chance to make a sale. Also, if they are in the program, more likely all the other TopMoxies applications are either in or knocking at the door. Time to tell the AM what you think. spent a chunk of the $30 million the company raised to merge with its chief rival while putting $9.9 million into the pockets of's officers and directors.

    How much are they putting now in the pockets of Isolani and Nichols?

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention
    Thank you for bringing THIS to our attention. We did not give approval to our partner,, to include on ebates. We've notified them that they must take out of the ebates program as we do not allow spyware sites into our affiliate program. Additionally, we were unaware that ebates had put AllPosters back in their program. We have terminated that affiliation. We appreciate your continued support of our programs and look forward to a successful 2006.

    Kim DiGiulio
    Director, Affiliate Marketing
    AllPosters and

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    Thanks Kim! I do a lot of work with you and would hate to have to find a replacement.


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