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    dyse:Audible with SEO?
    I'm very new to using these scripts, am I able to customize my dyse:audible script and optimize keywords that I want?

    I heard that last time google's change of algorithms has affected a lot of datafeed websites because they are considered duplicate content. I'd like to customize some of audible's description and also optimize the pages for keywords I want.

    Any ideas how I can go about it?


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    To customize the DySE templates, see Customization. See also <META> Tags.

    To include custom content on each item webpage based on the item's SKU (or some other field such as manufacturer name, if available), see include.* directives.

    To create a niche store based on a subset of the merchant's datafeed, see Root Category Selection -- Niche Store with Subset of Products.

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    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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