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    Interesting Question For You
    Well, at least I think it's interesting. When a sale is processed, are they automatically tracked through CJ? Or do they, for whatever reason, have to be manually processed?

    Not trying to be paranoid, but I'm curious as to whether it's possible for their to be a "middleman" in their somewhere, deciding whether a sale goes through or not.

    Any takers?


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    Ooooh me, me, me... I'll take it!

    Someone can always mess with your transaction before it hits CJ, but most merchants are on real-time reporting and don't practice funny business, so yes, they'll show up automatically.

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    Right. It varies from merchant to merchant, but usually it's totally automatic.

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    Ok, gotcha. Just wanted to double check. Thanks!

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    I'ts automatic for merchants who have real time tracking, but what about merchants who do batch processing? They need to upload their batches manually, can fraud come in there?
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