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    Faking a "related products"
    All right - here's another question for you Webmerge Whizes...

    I want to replicate the "Customers who bought this also bought..." bit that you see on Amazon and other popular online stores. Now I know it's not actually possible since my site is just an affiliate site....but I think there should be a way to fake it.

    I have products in my feed broken down by Category and Subcategory - would there be a way to randomly return a certain number of products in the same subcategory?

    Meaning - if they're on a page for a product in the Books -> Fiction section, there would be an additional 5 products in the same "Books" subcategory listed. (randomly, or even alphabetically, or however)

    Make sense?

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    Oh, I was hoping some WM whizz would have posted a perfect solution to this question, I'd love this function too )

    As far as I can find, there are no 'random' functions within WM, and it can't delve into other records than the one it's currently working on; so you'd have to go back to a database program and generate your related products' details as extra fields (MS Access programmer required for that!)

    take current item's category; randomly select five other items from the same category; write all the details of those items into fields on the original record; export to flat db for WM.



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