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    How to Add Websites to my Account?
    All my sites used to be listed in LS but now it looks like there is only channels and only two of mine are listed in that. Do I need to list my sites or are the links tracked anyway? What's with this complicated channel function, looks like a real pain whoever thought of this idea?

    If the sites do have to be listed in my account then does this means I would have missed commisions since the change?

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    No you do not need to list all your sites in LS for them to track, you can set them up as channels if you need to better define groups of sites but otherwise there is no requirement to list all your sites.


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    I have multiple sites that displays links using LS. I have added few sites from my network to track them individually. But it is not required to add all your sites in linkshare.
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    ok thanks for clearing that up, it's good news!
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