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    To make this all worthwhile, a whole lot of someones must be actually clicking on the links and ultimately buying the child porn!

    Really makes you wonder.
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    Yehaaaaw as the 180Solutions Adwhore minionss morph into full blow kiddie porn peddlers and worse.

    ..." So who is this ‘Enigma Global Inc’ that the YapBrowser installer claims is responsible for the program? The language in the licence agreement, claiming that the software contains no “Grecian horses” suggests English isn't their first language, that's for sure; the site are hosted at Pilosoft, one of the largest US ISPs for the Russian-language adult webmaster community and their security exploits, hijackers and PPC sites collectively known as CWS.

    The whois information for, the affiliate scheme for the site, is given as “John Malkovich”—obviously fake, but with a probably-not-fake e-mail address at yahoo. The same details are used for a group of sites at Eltel, a Russian ISP, including one site that redirects the user to browser exploits at, which load trojans, spyware (via the CWS Cactus group) and dialers (from PremiumBilling, aka Coulomb).

    Paradise-dialer's whois places it as part of the CWS group known as Dimpy, aka BigBuks. Since the BigBuks whois is also given by mix-click, referred to by the yapbrowser/yapsearch whois, and the aforementioned servers at Pilosoft and Eltel (as well as the paradise-dialer server also at Pilosoft just a few IP addresses away) run many other sites that link back to browser exploits and child porn promotions run by BigBuks, it seems reasonable to assume that they are the same group of people.""...
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    What merchants are in bed with 180Solutions?
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    a few links about 180
    interview with former employee

    180 sponsors second graders

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