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    April 19th, 2006
    What is wrong with this site !!!
    Hello everyone. Will be glad to get some of you to comment on my site:

    Since I added my own shopping cart about 6 months ago, I have not had a single sale. In September last year, my visitor count was about 10% from what it is today, but I still made 6 sales that month. I checked and rechecked the code, and my check-out seems to do a successful merge with existing Amazon carts. That must mean either Amazon is loosing my info, or no one uses my shopping cart. What am I doing wrong here…?

    I think I should replace all my "Add to Cart" buttons with direct links to Amazon and drop my own cart. That is the way it was before and it seemed to commit more visitors to buy.

    Anyone else had similar experiences with "local carts"?

    Thanks for your input.
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    I counted 12 Yahoo ads. That is certainly a distraction if you are trying to focus the shopper on magazines.
    I added something to the cart and saw "Usually ships in 6 to 10 weeks". This is all it would take to get me to go the the local newstand to buy the magazine. I am in to instant gratification...LOL.
    Otherwise, it looks OK. I am an avid RC airplane and 1/10th scale on-road racing enthusiast and have been a member of AMA since 1976.
    Best of luck!

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    Test purchase done?

    The scammers make people afraid to buy anywhere that isn't very popular and familiar and well marked as safe via ssl cert, bbb member, hacker-proof, etc.

    Check your logs and see where people are dropping out.

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    Not sure what script you are using.
    I found one problem.
    Most of the products you are saling were out of stock.
    So how can you make sales?

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    UncleScooter, Donuts and Alvin, thanks for your replies. Agree, the ads were overkill and I reduced those. I also found that when you use the Amazon Web Services and supply your DevTag, they don't match it to your Associate ID. You have to include the AssociateTag in every Rest request to get the correct purchase URL (to get credit for the sale). 'Been sending them free business for the last 6 months...

    I fixed a number of bugs I found in the cart and product listings. Check it out a again and let me know if you have more suggestions. Please add some items to the cart and hit the checkout button. Let me know what improvements I can add to the cart.

    Thanks again

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    One of the things I noticed was the lack of any intro text on the pages. I would have liked a paragraph or so on each of the categories, just to provide the "human touch". Otherwise the site looks fine. By the way - clicking on the top shopping cart button gives a php error.

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