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    Archive Photo - Bush visits New Orleans
    that pic's been posted before and removed.
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    Hmmmmmmmm............... Nice Photoshop work there.
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    1. Being from New Orleans where we are still pulling dead bodies out of the rubble (literally) almost 9 months after the fact, I find nothing amusing about that doctored picture whatsoever. You get that......the dead...mothers...fathers...sisters...brothers...have been left to rot in the rubble for 9 months. Homes and lives destroyed. 8000 still missing. You get that?

    2. The Katrina forum had to be closed because of this type of BS being posted.

    3. This post is political in nature which is not allowed on ABW for quite some time.

    4. A whole other forum was set up where people could post crap like this.

    So this was even posted WHY? This is even supposed to be funny WHY?

    May you NEVER experience the kind of thing that happened here and then have to see your fellow citizens making such shallow jokes about your suffering.

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