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    Any idea why a merchant moves to other network(s)? I have three naughty speculations:
    1. Killing the exciting affiliate cookies (to avoid the prospect costs)
    2. Writing off below threshold affiliate balance (to avoid from bankrupting)
    3. Looking for softer network terms (to play game)

    Those speculations have influenced me to not follow any merchant who moved away.
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    Many that I've seen honor cookies on the old network.

    With most networks (CJ, SAS, LinkShare--if consolidated), the merchant has to pay all affiliates regardless of the threshold.

    The can change terms on their existing network.

    I would more suspect one of the following:

    4. Good sales job by the new network. (Some of the networks really shine when it comes to sales!)
    5. The expectation that things will be better on the new network.
    6. Reducing costs.
    7. Network is going away (BeFree).
    8. New affiliate manager who doesn't have a clue.
    9. New affiliate manager who does have a clue (when they move to SAS).

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    One of mine that moved from LS to CJ said it was because of problems they had with LS, which they didn't specify.

    The problem on MY end is that they HAVE paid LS, in a timely fashion, for the holiday season sales before they made the switch, but LS has yet to pay me - and this is April and these were October and November sales, paid to them by the merchant long ago.

    Problem is now, that the linking/product/specific page situation at CJ is such that I really won't be able do anything with them, like I did at LS. The nature of the site is that they need a dynamic PSC, which I'll write and tell them.

    The point I'm making - when they switch, watch and see (if possible) if they've paid the network. Some jump to not pay, which is not always the case.

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    Wow one day maybe I will understand what you guys are talking about all these acronyms and inside sales talk makes a newbie shudder.

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    LS = Linksnare

    SAS = Shareasale

    CJ = Commission Junction

    PSC = Product ShowCase, which can make whole pages of content (of products) for you from certain merchants you are affiliated with.


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