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    My sister told me about this site, as it was disclosed in an email from linkshare's merchant Idebt. There were 3 winners in their sales contest. The number 3 winner was
    We went to look at the site and basically it was a banner farm if you can call it that. Didn't really see anything that would make him a #3 winner. Then I looked at his source code. Man he has some crazy stuff written in it. Plus this site has a page rank of 7? yet google tool bar say no information available. Unless he has some excellent ppc keywords I don't understand how he does it!
    The other 2 winners were pretty much the same, but much nicer sites.
    1st Place

    2nd Place

    3rd Place

    Like I said, just curious how they did it.
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    When I clicked on that link, it says site temporarily unavailable because exceeded data transfer. Makes me wonder too... Only reason I can see is that they might use that url in the sign-up form and they have lots of mirror sites or they ran multiple sites.

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    I finally got in. If you scroll past the badly laid out banners you get to a link to with an oddly complete write up of everything Seinfeld :confused:

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    The high page rank is because it's hosted on Geocities.....

    I can almost bet these guys have bought hundreds of misspelt famous domain names that transfer to their site.

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    I don't know all of the details about the contest, but makes me wonder if they are running banners on many other sites, and this is just the url they have listed with linkshare...Burst media handles advertising on one of our sites, and I've seen sites come up with no/worthless content (such as this site) but ranked high in Bursts stats...those are the sites that were running banners on several sites, probably porn or somewhere in China...

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    they are the WRONG sites

    the top affiliate sites SHOULD be debt related

    this is what i think is happening

    those 3 sites are owned by the debt site owner, he just pays himself and probably reverses any genuine transactions (if there are any)

    the debt site is just an affiliate site and the guy that owns it is both a megaspammer and an abestweb member

    heres an example, check out the guestbook

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