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    Originally declined... then sent an offer.
    I just signed up at CJ yesterday and applied for 1 program. Later on I noticed it said I was declined. I thought that was strange, so I found an email address for the affiliate manager and sent an email asking why I was declined.

    I got a reply today saying it was a mistake and that if I replied back with my PID they'd send me an offer. I did just that, and got a reply back saying the offer was sent.

    This was almost 2 hours ago and I don't see this offer yet. I'm new to CJ, so I'm not really sure how this all works. Should I have received the offer by now? And I should be looking for it under "Today's Tasks" on the main account manager page, right? As of now it says "Review 0 offer(s) pending your approval."

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Be sure to look for the offer below the fold on the home page..if it's not there, then wait a day or so and if you don't see it, ping the AM again (he could actually be busy).

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    Try Get Links -> By Relationship -> Pending Offers

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1av8r
    then wait a day or so and if you don't see it, ping the AM again (he could actually be busy).
    I could understand him being busy, but he actually said the offer was... offered. This was about 3 hours ago.

    Xion, still nothing there.

    Is there any point in waiting longer or should I just assume something was done incorrectly and just send him another email already?

    Oh, and the fact that my status with them is still "Declined" wouldn't cause their offer to not come through, would it?

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    You could try to reapply that might help them. I have had to do that, though they asked me to do so.

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    Send him an email and let him/her know that the offer did not come through. Provide your CJ account number.

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