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    Angry Can Somebody Please Help Me Regarding Google Adsense Program?
    Can Somebody Please Help Me Regarding Google Adsense Program?

    Actually I Am Reallyconfused Withmany Aspects Of Adsense Pro And Hence I Need Advise As To How To Earn With Google Ads

    Please Help Me Someone

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    How many pages of CONTENT do you currently have?

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    What exactly are you confused about?
    Just a squirrel trying to get a nut, in the Internet jungle.

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    Adsense has a number of good demos and tutorials which may be of help to you:
    [URL=]Golf Beginner Guide[/URL] ; [URL=]Lady Golfers Guide[/URL]

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    just put your code at your pages and earn money! that's easy!!

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    Once you put the adsense code on your webpage google automatically decides what ads to run based on the keywords it finds on your webpage. For example, if you have a webpage that has the word "Cars" on it several times the Google bot will run ads on your page for advertisers who have specified "Cars" as a keyword they want to target.

    Depending on your page content and keywords you can get paid anything from 1 cent to several dollars per click. It all depends on how much advertisers have bid for the keywords related to your site's content. A keyword like "mortgages" or "colleges" that is very competitive and has lots of advertisers bidding against eachother will bring in more pay per click than a keyword like "cats"

    You get a percentage of what Google makes. Google doesn't disclose what percentage of the their revenue is shared with the publisher so you just have to take their word for it that they are treating you fair. (I know... I dont like the secrecy either.)

    Bottom line, the amt you make with Adsense is relative to the number of people who click the adsense ads and how much revenue Google makes on those clicks. You only get paid for valid clicks, not for page impressions.

    Thats it in a nutshell.

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    No. 1 thing they never really tell you and which has resulted in a complete AdSense ban for 1000s of both innocent and fraudulent AdSense accounts is:

    - Never, ever, ever, ever, ever click your own ads.

    One way to ensure this never happens is to install a NoHosts fiel such as you find here:

    This is free and not an aff. link by the way.


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