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    Hi All,

    I am struck with an idea that i suppose is great .. here it goes ..

    Chinese-made cheap products have flocked the Indian markets, China manufactures electronic goods at dirt-cheap costs and sells them at almost cost price .. because of WTO, We can not even object to this.

    Anyway, In India, A Chinese-Made computer mouse costs $2, an aaa size alkaline battery costs 50 paise ( 100 paise = 1 rupee and 48 rupees is one dollar ) They have many of these cheap stuff, they can afford it because of the low labour costs, unskilled labour costs mere - 25-30 dollars a month and skilled ones cost 40-60 dollars a month to chinese companies. --- Comming to the point, The Idea is to get hold of these chinese manufactures, and sell these products on my website at half the regular costs.

    BTW, Chinese goods are of not-so good quality and chanses are that these products stop working within a few days of purchase ( I changed 3 mice in the past week, then finally got myself a microsoft mouse , BUT a chinese radio that dad gifted me last june is still in totally great condition)

    So we can tell the users of our mall that the products are from china, buy at your own risk and the stuff comes with no gurantee.

    I have a fealing that this concept will have to work. Like these goods have taken over the indian market, I wish to take over the internet marketplace ..

    Please give me your comments on this concept, will it work, I'm asking because many of you are internet buyers too,

    China Rulez,


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    You can get good quality products too, you know. They just cost a little bit more. I prefer to have satisfied, returning customers.

    This month we're selling two imported products for more than $10.000 on one of our sites. Many customers are repeat shoppers.

    You can find enormous amounts of products to import from China/Hong Kong here:
    Hong Kong Enterprice

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>So we can tell the users of our mall that the products are from china, buy at your own risk and the stuff comes with no gurantee.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Get real for once.

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    pranav - heard the laws right ? i guess unauthorised products - cant be sold...perhaps i guess i am right....cos i aint interested in law.....those products from china - they are not totally authorised...

    And another thing is indian market at this very moment wont make any purchases on the net..even if they do...the volume wont be up those products - they are all highly risky....and chances of 1 or 2 working in a hundred perhaps....

    So even if you mention it that buy at your own risk - these words will definetely direct people saying "Goodbye i cant handle this"

    And even if they do purchase....Boy will u take copyrighted terms and conditions - buy at your own risk...cos if anyone brave enough files a complaint....ur gonna be sued...for you dont have the rights....

    Just my thoughts on how laws work and govern....Again i might be wrong cos i aint least interested in laws....


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    China does not always mean low quality.
    Where Microsoft get their mice? Mine says “Made in China”.

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    Don't tip Fred as to the discount source in China for these el-cheapos. Lot's of legit items can be purchased like Wheelchairs -scooters -electronics -toys etc. but you have to arrange US warehouse fulfillment and payments. Consumers have to know they get delivery and also returns. Distributor/mfgr has to be able to get paid at time of delivery to US warehouse fulfillment center. Fedx and UPS fulfillment services have this covered ( stocking -packing-delivery) as long as they are assured consumers are protected and the payments are in US dollars.

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    Welcome! <IMG src=>


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    I don't know all the ins and outs of this but my reaction is if you can sell good cheap radios, sell good cheap radios.

    Be picky about what you sell. Make it a true value and you should do well. If you can't stand behind it, don't sell it even with an honest warning. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    Thanks for the replies everyone,

    OveB, Thanks a ton for that link -- really a very helpful resourse

    Guffy and Ssanf - Tou have given me a good idea that will require a lot of work to sort out the good ones from the bad ones, but I'm ready to take up the challange. - Selling good and cheap products will require some research but it IS possible.

    That was a MICROSOFT mouse made in china - the $2 mice I was talking about are some brands like 'KeyMouse' and 'Windows 98 Mouse'
    So these sell for cheap and often die cery early,
    I'll buy in bulk from the manufaturer and have a warehouse here in india and send the stuff via fedex curiour (sorry for the spelling)

    You always get it wrong, don't you?
    I'm talking about selling to the world market , NOT India - I'm a fool if I start selling stuff to indians via the Internet!!!

    I will buy from china, get the goods to India and export em' FROM INDIA - that gets yashvant sinha valuable foreign exchange and he actually will help me in doing all this.


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