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    Third-Party Tracking
    Hi there,

    I have a question about finding a 3rd party tracking solution for an in-house marketing initiative.

    We have several sites but one in particular is seasonal and not setup under our selected network. I want to do some recruitment for a summer offer and give our new affiliates a payout for the short-term event however I know that affiliates need to have a trustable source for revenue tracking therefore who can provide this short-term solution. We have a merchant account setup with Direct Track but not for this site. Is this something that can be done?

    Thanks in advance.
    Tanya Mitchell

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    The key to your question would be "new affiliates".
    We use and our affiliates find that it tracks just fine.

    [added] We will be adding a trusted network very soon. [/added]

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    You could easily use the affiliate tracking built into several shopping carts..... Americart or Miva and others....
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    Never thought of that
    hey ecomcity,

    It never even dawned on me to check the shopping cart, it is managed by Fry - client uses the OCP cart, very robust

    If this doesn't work I'm sure the affiliate wiz should be just fine (that is EXACTLY, what I was looking for)!

    Boy, it sure is nice to have such a supportive group of professionals. I have trolled this site for a few years off and on but never decided to join because I wasn't participating in the management that much until now.

    If anyone has any experience on another 3rd party that would be great too as you can never have enought options right.

    Tanya Mitchell

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