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    I need some proper input for new offerings ...

    Plans inlcude:
    <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI> Making the ABW BE private label and commissionable (give me a real commission rate).
    <LI> Creation of a co-opetition directory.
    <LI> CPM Ad Network [like fastclick] (just about there).
    <LI> More free tools and advice (help me here)
    <LI> Secret Shopper (via
    <LI> affiliate recruiting system for merchant programs
    <LI> CPC ad network with 7,000 affiliates (minutes away)[/list]

    Tell us what you want us to do ... to improve your business and I promise we'll try!


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    If you can attract any good discount name brand merchants ( like in OverStock -TigerDirect -Computer Geeks ...not the Cooke Bros. types) who offer great prices on quality products or loss leaders, then a e-mail service with coded affiliate links would really hit the spot. Affiliates submit (upload max of 1000) a opt-in managed list ( use egroups at eBay to gather in real buyer list names) and perform a weekly mailing. Seems like the successful affiliate enabled merchants ALL have inticing weekly -monthly mailings to their own consumer lists without the affiliate codes. They close at a 5+% clip off these mailings which are truly targeted.

    Charge the merchants for managing the limited mailings and even affiliates with piss poor designed sites can generate sales that link directly to impulse buy pages at ABW merchant pages. True product offers only ..not credit reports -VISA cards -Mortgage quotes and the normal spammer crappola. Put a value at the end of the click and all will be happy even if they don't take advantage of it. Allows for merchants to move excess inventories and test price points too.

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    Erm, I do okay w/Cook Brothers. Seeing their name here wouldn't bother me a bit.

    But it WOULD be a problem if there were only name brand merchants. Some of the biggest dogs have the biggest names.

    My other ideas are in that thread about the perfect ad network.

    It sounds like there is a lot of excitement on the way!

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    What I was asking for was input on ABW offerings / services , however, merchant recruitment is a major priority also!


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    You need a newsletter that ocmes out once a month so you can remind people to come read the latest stuff about e-commerce.

    Most webmasters get so swamped with stuff they signed up for and all, they forget about a bunch of it.

    The regulars here know the value they have received from the shared info - good and bad.

    With a monthly newsletter you get to remind them to check the latest info

    It wouldn't have to be something huge. Just a couple of sentences about what's new.

    Something like:

    Check out the latestest news on how to do business and make a profit online - from people who are doing it. And learn what's
    what about good merchants, fraud, programs etc. It's free.

    Here's some of the latest topics that you need to know about. (Put a couple of topics here)

    Here's the link to find us. (Put in link)

    That would insure all themembers get reminder to visit once a month.

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    Well I think it would be a good idea. Since my product is providing transport in Glasgow i.e. Taxis then I have to make sure that everyone coming into Glasgow knows who we are, where we are and what we have too ofer.

    In order to do this I have to promote my site on a world wide scale. We have a number of conventions this year and one of them alone is attracting 25,000 visitors over a period of 10 day. Even if we could get 1000 of them to spend 30 dollars (doing this for my USA pals) then our self employed drivers will take in an additional 30,000 dollars in ten days, not bad at all.

    Anyway, I am up for anything that will put our company on as the number company for our product and service.

    Apart from that its something else to do .

    regards John

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