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    Familiar with Frontpage? Help please
    I am not overly familar with Frontpage and its quirks and I have a friend that is having an issue with a website they created using frontpage and I am trying to help them, but I am not sure what is causing the problem.

    Their site looks fine when they view it in frontpage, but after they upload it gaps appear between images.

    If you think you can figure this out, pm me and I will pm the URL back to you.

    Also, the site looks totally messed up if you use FireFox to view it...

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    You're asking for someone to fix your page code, so without precise details it's impossible to pinpoint and remedy your problem. Frontpage produces extremely "bloated" code, which means that because the webpage isn't coded by hand there are often extra, unnecessary chunks of code on the page. Firefox is made to comply with HTML standards, so the frontpage code may well cause unexpected results. The best fix is to learn basic HTML, delete the unnecessary code, and use DreamWeaver instead of FrontPage because its infinitely better - frontpage is very limited and out of date.

    Failing that you can hire someone for a few bucks at RentaCoder, or post your exact problem at design/coding/webmaster forums and see what you get.

    Good luck,

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    Place the images that are floating on the page into TABLE cells.
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    and adding onto 'ecomcity' make sure - either right click in the tables or look at the HTML code and see that the tags for cellspacing = 0


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