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    Why I love Linkshare......Reason numero uno
    Sup Smokey and the Bandoons....It's your boy Diddy, thinking its been a lil too long since I have been AbestWebbin.......Sup Haiko.....Sup Rexy....Sup Ecom (Even though I still have no clue whatcha sayin)...but say it loud....I'm black and I'm proud.

    My theme song is playin in the background (eminence front-the entourage thing, if ya know...ya know) and I needed to throw some positivity down in this mo-fo fo ya, so I say to myself...yo's been bout 18 months that you be doin this Affiliate Marketing thing, and things are goin a-ight, and I open this envelope from LinkShare and its I say to myself....yo diddy.....which came first.....the link or the share......and I ponder that for a second while a mash up of biggie/sinatra comes floating out of my Cerwin Vega's and I say to myself....yo diddy....don't make a difference cause when you put it's tight!

    Just then a television commercial for a new diddy card comes on.....

    Building a website to make them come ----35 hours
    Logging into LinkShare and getting a text link------10 Minutes
    Putting it on your site---Well you get the idea....

    Getting paid twice a month....Pimptastic

    Thanks rock..


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    Diddy! Nice to see you back and posting the positive.

    Ya know, since you're doing so well with LS, why not try another network or some indy merchants and rock even harder? You'll love the MULTIPLE checks pouring in.

    Loving Everyone's Child Creates Magic

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    but..... .....

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