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    Baidu vs Google China
    Hi Everyone,
    Here are some links that are running the TV commercials in China since
    Google added a new chinese name. It's really a negitive campaign from

    About Google new chinese name launch - Baidu is rolling this out
    these days - both links are same TV ads, check which one works better
    from your side.


    2. Sorry 2nd link not working.

    the white poster (appears at the beginning of the flash ) on the wall
    says "I know you don't know, I know you don't know much about

    Baidu's slogan at the end of flash says :Baidu understands Chinese
    language better, Baidu understands Chinese people better, Baidu
    understands Chinese culture better.."

    Google has a new name-at least in China. At a Beijing ceremony, the
    company announced that it would be known in China as "Gu Ge," or
    "harvest song." What does "harvest song" have to do with search
    results? The new name is intended to give "the sense of a fruitful and
    productive search experience, in a poetic Chinese way." Obviously.
    Google's English name, if transliterated into Chinese, means "old
    hound," so it doesn't take a marketing genius to see why the company
    felt it needed a new identity.
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    Interesting. I'm guessing that in Chinese culture "old hound" doesn't imply wisdom or the ability to "sniff out" value, truth or anything else worthwhile.

    The New York Times Magazine had an article this past Sunday titled "The Big Discooooooooonnect (sic), (What the Chinese really want from the Internet. And what companies like Google can, and can't do about it.)"

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